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28/365 Hmmm, this is new!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Miss Sara likes the steamer trunk/coffe table! She did many laps around it today, checking out the pound-sound, peek-ability factor, texture, etc. She seemed to notice the greater freedom of movement she has, too – that makes this grandmom feel good! We still keep an eye on her, of course, but now she’s not endangered every time she decides to sit down next to the coffee table or crawl near it! Did I say crawl? She’s rocket-powered, now!!

27/365 An Ah-Hah Moment

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Now that Grand-Daughter Sara is becoming very mobile, our family room coffee table is becoming very dangerous! It has too many wrought-iron curlicues to crawl into, sit up under or bang little knees on. I know DD doesn’t want us going out and buying a new table, but I really hate having to restrict the little one’s play-and-explore area. She ought to be able to crawl over and see what the adults are doing without one of them whisking her back to her play-mat!

Last night, I had an Ah-Hah moment! We’ve had a huge 49″ high, 30 ” wide, 30″ deep, old-fashioned steamer trunk (the virtually indestructible kind with several drawers on one side and a generously sized hanging rod on the other) for many years. (Think “Joe & The Volcano”, without the pricy leather.) It has held miniature-making supplies, sewing patterns and fabric . . .just about everything. For the past several years, it has been a part of the odd “decor” in our living room, sitting half-open between our dentist & barber chairs. What if I close it up, turn it on its side and move it into place where the wrought-iron menace is now?

DH & I settled it onto the area rug – it sits kind of high (30″), but we can still put our feet up and see the TV over it:) Best yet, Sara will now be able to crawl all the way around it, come see what the grown-ups are eating (she loves “real food”) and enjoy some freedom of movement!