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Only semi-organized and leaving tomorrow!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

My annual “Miniatures Fix” – the 3-day SAM’s (Society of American Miniaturists) convention, starts tomorrow afternoon – I’ll point The Scarlet Lady NE  around 9 am and hope I’ve mapped out the new location in Temple, TX well enough 🙂  I finally made my way upstairs to my Tower (workroom)  today to pack a full tool kit for the workshops I am enrolled in! Fairly light packing, actually, as I am (of course)  enrolled in  both of Sandra Manring’s flower classes – a half-inch scale magnolia blossom centerpiece tomorrow evening and a one-twelfth scale rose bouquet Saturday morning. (Why, Oh why does she always teach the smaller scales on the day I’ve driven for hours?!)

Then I did the hard part: my friends & roommates (Amanda & Alexandra Burt) are flying in from Maryland tomorrow to attend the Wonderful Workshop Weekend.  They’re bringing paint brushes and any necessary paints in their check-in luggage, but the “sharp, pointy objects” could/would  pose problems in either carry-on or checked baggage.  I promised to put together kits containing anything else they might need. . . .but couldn’t remember which classes they had chosen!  After I had metal rulers,automatic pencils,X-acto knives, replacement blades, small clamps, needles/needle threaders and straight pins, curved and straight blade scissors, files and sanding sticks in several grits, mini cutting boards, wire cutters, tweezers, forceps, several sizes of embossing tools, needle-nosed pliers, Super Glue , Tacky Glue and Gawd-knows what else packed into two labeled  gallon zip-lock bags, I surveyed the result.  My only question. . . .how on earth have I accumulated three or more of everything?! !!  (Secondary question: with all this: why can’t I find what I need when I’m at my workbench?! LOL!)

My suitcase is downstairs, and my outfits for travel/workshops/banquet are chosen, but I’ve opted to pack tomorrow morning. . . . .I’ll probably be sorry for that decision.  It’s hard to leave home without my laptop (yep – I’m a 62 year-old geek!), but there simply won’t be any time to use it!  I’m taking my iPhone and iPad  (whichwill allow me to keep track, a bit, of incoming messages and provides a Kindle reading link if I have a moment)- – -hope I remember to pack the chargers!!

G’night, all. Tom’s alarm goes off at 5:30am, and that is when I will start my day, too!

57/365 Mini Mode

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I am definitely back in mini-mode: SAM’s BD in Tomball this past weekend, more work accomplished on that project this morning, a road-trip to Dickinson, Texas scheduled for Thursday (more about that later) and a 1.5 day workshop with the “TGFTGP” (The Guys From Texas Guinea Pigs) in their New Braunfels workshop this coming weekend! Sort of wears me out thinking about it, but I shall muddle through and enjoy!

56/365 "Your Insurance Saved You . . . ."

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Yesterday’s work on ‘Tis The Season (the SAM’s ’08 BD project) brought me to a point where I could ascertain what paint colors I needed. Of course, Murphy’s Law prevailed – none of them are colors I have in my huge stash! (DH’s comment was, “I thought you already had one of every color!”) Well. . . . . . .theses are tans & neutrals and. . . .no, I don’t have them. Fortunately, Hobby Lobby still has their .77 & .99 cent sale in progress today, so I added a couple of the usually-expensive metallics to my basket.

My second errand was the pharmacy, to pick up the next month’s supply of Humira. I usually do not read the receipt carefully, but this time I found myself undoing the *privacy fold* and received a reality check! “Your Insurance Saved You $3415.29.” Saved is definitely the key word! It certainly made me realize I am blessed to be covered by medical insurance! (The normal dosage of twice a month costs half that – still unavailable to I-wonder-how-many-who-need-it!)

DD & GD were visiting today; GD is practicing standing up and balancing. She can “dance to the music” without knocking herself over!

54/365 Half & Half

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

The 6:30 AM wake-up call from the motel switchboard was not a welcome sound, but I figured I’d function a great deal better after a cup of coffee. Hmm, what’s going on here? I plugged the coffee pot in. I turned the switch to “on” . . . .well, there weren’t actually any labels visible, but I turned the switch in the direction opposite to where I found it. I watched . . .I waited. . . I think I actually vocalized a plea or four – but no luck, No Coffee!

New Goal: Get washed, get dressed, get packed and get to the “complimentary breakfast” FAST! Since I start off rather stiff and slow in the morning, *fast* was a challenge; I think I may have set a *personal best* record in this morning’s quest for caffeine
😉 After joining around 35 fellow miniaturists in the motel’s ‘cozy’ breakfast area (at least 15 more than the area was designed to welcome in one sitting) and gulping down some steaming hot motivation, it was time to storm the fortress. Huh? Oh, right – we are ladies and gentlemen all. . . .it was time to drive to the site of the 2008 SAM’s (Society of American Miniaturists) Birthday Party!

Finding working space for 110-120 people & good lighting on a small budget is always a major challenge for the host club – this year’s committee met the challenge admirably. A little bit of quick-stepping to a certain table directly under a bank of bright lights made the set-up even better! After nibbling on fresh fruit (and securing more coffee, of course), it was time to get down to some serious work on this year’s project; a half-inch scale Christmas living-room with a fireplace, corner bookcase, holiday table, table-top tree, armchair and large mullioned window. (” ‘Tis The Season” is the theme.)

I didn’t finish my room box completely in the 8 AM-4 PM workshop, but I spent some time visiting with buddies I seldom see and looking at all the wonderful raffle items on display. There were several boxes I put one or two raffle tickets in, but the was one special item which garnered a fistful of my tickets! It was a beautifully finished half inch scale house with wood flooring and fresh wallpapers. Because I wanted very much to win it, I was resigned to the fact that it would go to someone who placed one ticket in its box. That’s Murphy’s Law, isn’t it?

By 3 PM, I was half-finished with the project (well, sort of; I used the floor piece as my back wall! Will have to redo that at home.), running on only half my cylinders, and relaxing while applauding the raffle winners as they were announced. As one of the truly special raffle items which were donated, the half-inch scale doll house was one of the last items to be raffled off. Our chairwoman announced, “The winner of the doll house is. . . .”, and I uttered a quiet “Any one but me” which was only heard by those sitting nearest to me. When she announced “Christy Blackburn”, my shocked & delighted scream was heard throughout the room!!

My driver was ready to leave early, too, so we bid goodbye to as many of the group as we could get to and took to the road. Traffic was light (and our route was a great deal better!) – I was back at Casa Blackburn by 7:30 PM to show off my “half & half” to DH & DD. I even got some hugs & snuggles with “The Pixy” (aka my grand-daughter.)