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A Token of Affection

Monday, August 13th, 2012

On July 27th, after completing Braxton Payne’s  “Cruise Ship Cabin” ( ) and Ann Vanture’s Bookcase/Doll House ( , I rummaged  through my storage bins for my next project.  My  goal of spending at least a small portion of each day in my studio/workroom (OK – I do enjoy the studio appellation!)   is really beginning to pay off ;  less orphaned and ignored kits in my storage closet and more finished items to show in my display room.  I chose a big one this time – another of the Cynthia Howe (  one-twelfth scale kits; truly  a “youngster” in my stash, as I purchased it in January of this year. Maybe I am catching up?  Hm, unlikely!

 The “Token of Affection” hutch is a 1/12th scale kit (6 1/2 inches tall) and, as you can see, loaded with details.  I spent several hours on July 27th and more on the 28th, simply sorting all of the parts needed for the hutch (42 separate pieces) and the wonderful items to fill it.  There are 7 old-fashioned, multi-layer valentines included in the kit – that’s approximately 63 pieces of very intricate artwork to cut out!  There are also porcelain blanks and decals for plates, a decorated tray, gift boxes, perfume bottles, a romantic fan,  valentine candy boxes & a hat box, standing figures, a candy jar, floral gift basket . . . . . . altogether,  24 small tins (excluding the hutch pieces) and approximately 160 tiny parts to be sanded and painted, trimmed and applied or cut out snip-by-tiny-snip and assembled, plus minuscule decals, metal findings and rhinestone embellishments. All sorted, lined up, ready to start; this was my “What have I gotten myself into” moment!

It took a few days to build the hutch; there’s that ‘waiting for the glue to dry’ factor again.  Slowly, my tins filled with completed candy boxes, perfume bottles and valentines, instead of just holding their components. I am convinced I could have constructed a full-size fan in less time than it took for me to precisely cut the six blades/vanes, string them together, create a tiny tassel for the end of the hanging cord, arrange them carefully into an open-fan display and glue them in that configuration, but the end result looks lovely and it was worth every moment!  Making the gift boxes (bottom shelf) was easy – making the very small bows to adorn them was a real challenge :)

 I added a dressing table tray of cosmetics and a pink hydrangea from my stash and made several extra perfume bottles from beads and findings  – finished the hutch and all of its goodies in time to show it off to my family when they arrived at home. The unanimous vote: the hutch is lovely, and they now have all the proof necessary to have me certified as insane!  Since they do not seem to be in any hurry to have me committed, I shall go to my studio and search for the next project – more proof for them and hours of enjoyment for me!



Green sock and interior decorating

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

My admittance to the GSOLFOT (Green Sock on Left Foot on Tuesday) group has stirred up my creative side again:) Other than organizing some of the perpetual chaos in my workshop area, I haven’t really spent much time in my “Tower” recently; but my new title and a (virtual) office of my very own (#17) has me back at the workbench!

There is only one miniatures shop in San Antonio, and I will not shop there, ever! Since I was fired-up to start creating my new office now/immediately/this very minute, I turned to an alternate possibility for the wallpaper I needed; my local scrapbooking shop! A long-retired room box from my storage closet was pressed into service – by dinner time, the old & discolored wallpaper was stripped, fresh new paper installed and a new carpet measured and installed. A dining table with two wobbly legs and a very dull finish was re-glued and wearing a warm new wood stain, ready to become my workbench. A seriously red-hued mahogany wall cabinet was wearing a fresh coat of pale spring green paint, and I had a large basket full of possible furniture, nick-knacks, throw rugs, fur-kids and craft supplies (all in one-twelfth scale) was waiting for glues and paints to dry. Oh, yes – dragons aplenty were waiting for a shelf, table or a corner to claim also!

Tomorrow, after everything is dry, I will begin creating a properly messy and disorderly office/studio. Let the fun begin!