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Green sock and interior decorating

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

My admittance to the GSOLFOT (Green Sock on Left Foot on Tuesday) group has stirred up my creative side again:) Other than organizing some of the perpetual chaos in my workshop area, I haven’t really spent much time in my “Tower” recently; but my new title and a (virtual) office of my very own (#17) has me back at the workbench!

There is only one miniatures shop in San Antonio, and I will not shop there, ever! Since I was fired-up to start creating my new office now/immediately/this very minute, I turned to an alternate possibility for the wallpaper I needed; my local scrapbooking shop! A long-retired room box from my storage closet was pressed into service – by dinner time, the old & discolored wallpaper was stripped, fresh new paper installed and a new carpet measured and installed. A dining table with two wobbly legs and a very dull finish was re-glued and wearing a warm new wood stain, ready to become my workbench. A seriously red-hued mahogany wall cabinet was wearing a fresh coat of pale spring green paint, and I had a large basket full of possible furniture, nick-knacks, throw rugs, fur-kids and craft supplies (all in one-twelfth scale) was waiting for glues and paints to dry. Oh, yes – dragons aplenty were waiting for a shelf, table or a corner to claim also!

Tomorrow, after everything is dry, I will begin creating a properly messy and disorderly office/studio. Let the fun begin!

I have a title!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Still feeling a bit shaky, but I did manage a few constructive actions today; laundry, more entries in my “flower recipe’ book (miniature flowers), a two week menu & shopping list to occupy us for awhile come tomorrow and a shiny new “official” title, awarded by The Great Oz of GSOLFOT!

As a newly-minted member of the “ancient & honorable” order of GSOLFOT, I’ve been mulling over what title and duties I wanted (should I be so fortunate as to be granted either a title or an office in the virtual -castle). Today, my title request was granted, with an acceptable alteration. I’d held a feeble hope that I could be a Princess (every ‘little’ girl’s dream – LOL!), but there’s no room for more royalty. Fair enough – I am now, officially, Contessa of Useful Bits, Bobs & Specks and Protector of Roof Runners! No, I am not kidding. Yes, I am off my rocker. Having a glorious time, thank you!


Thursday, January 21st, 2010

On a day when a nasty, lingering cold and other ills had me feeling vastly weak and somewhat transparent, a short note popped up in one of my on-line focus groups; there was an opening available in the limited membership of a group of zany, nutty, fun-loving and extremely talented miniaturists known as GSOLFOT (Green Sock On Left Foot On Tuesdays).

Hardly able to wander from room to room, I pulled my remaining wits together and attempted to write four separate application letters, each laced with the appropriate amount of irreverence, jocularity and basic facts about myself to secure the coveted membership. It worked – I am now a “Sockee”!
makes no sense? Well, we Sockees often do not attempt to:) Have a fun ramble around the website, and you’ll understand even less! LOL!!!