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I have a new cat!

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

She is sleek and beautiful, has eyes that seem to follow me everywhere and poses with regal grace. I thought I had a name chosen for her, but she’s much too elegant for it ~ I shall have to think awhile. She is a birthday gift from my son, formed from an off-white modeling compound and tardy in her arrival because he spent many, many days painting/sanding/painting/sanding. She is worth the wait, for she looks as if she is sculpted in ebony! I would love to put a link right here to pictures of her, but that will have to wait until my new camera battery and battery charger arrive in the mail; at this moment, my Nikon Coolpix is a paperweight 🙁 Thank you again, Thomas!!

Goodbye, Sweet Sundance

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Today was the day every person owned by a cat (or dog) dreads. . . . .the day one has to say Goodbye.

Sundance and his sister, Cassidy, came to us as near-newborn kittens after a huge rain storm in the summer of 1999. When son Thomas brought them to me, their eyes weren’t open yet, and their ears didn’t “appear” for several days. We bottle fed the two of them, and Sundance’s playful but assertive nature showed up from the very beginning. Cassidy would nurse hungrily, but it was easy to keep a grip on her and on the bottle. Sundance? He would wiggle, squirm, and quite often yank the nipple right out of the bottle! There we would be; suddenly bathed in formula, and Sundance demanding “more food – right NOW”!

He and his sister grew up to be very large, affectionate cats. . . .but Sundance was always the one who gave kisses and stole everyone’s heart. He nearly always wanted to be where his people were, and he carefully investigated the work of every repairmen who ever entered our house! He would station himself on a table or counter, waiting patiently for one of us to walk by. . . .when we did, he would stick out a paw and bat at us, clearly saying “Hey! I need petting!” When he really wanted attention, he would wait till someone (most often his “Daddy”, Tom) petted him and then he would walk his front paws up the petter’s chest to their shoulder; “Carry me, please?”
He had other traits which were unique among the many cats which have ruled our home: he would meow (for a snack/a faucet drink/ a cuddle), or just be hanging out with us and yawn, and leave just a little bit of his pink tongue sticking out, sometimes for quite a long time:) I called it his “bliss mode” . He would also express complete contentment with a “lip smacking” behavior – I’ve always attributed it to his ‘bottle baby’ start in life.

Sundance had cancer surgery in 2005. We so easily could have lost him then. I am so very grateful for the extra years of his affection and companionship we were given! I am so glad that our darling grand-daughter learned “Kee Kat” (Kitty Cat) while pursuing him through our house, and learned how soft cat fur is by burying her face in his soft fur.

Recently, he hasn’t quite been his usual self, and he’s been losing weight. In a been-there-done-that sort of way, we knew the cancer had probably returned. . . . .but he’d survived this once before, right? He’s stronger this time, right? I took him to our wonderful Alamo Feline Clinic at 9:15 this morning. (They performed the surgery in ’05, and have saved our “grand-cat”, Blanco, twice.) Even though he wasn’t feeling well, he gave cuddles to the vet and the technician, making new friends. When the vet carried him off to the surgical suite, it was in Sundance’s favorite shoulder-perch mode.

At 10:15 am, I got the call – Sundance was still asleep, but the cancer had spread much, much further this time. . . .chemo would give him (at best) nine months, and they wouldn’t be good quality, comfortable months for him. I had to make the decision that was best for him, and I did. I asked the vet not to let him wake up from the anesthesia 🙁

Goodbye, Sweet Sundance. Play with the other loving pets at the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me; I promise I will come get you when it is time.