RA report & a funny “panic moment”

Started my morning off with a Dexa-Scan (bone density test)  followed by a good long talk with my Rheumatologist.

Note: One of the reasons I like this doctor so much; with a huge practice, he still doesn’t rush me through a whirlwind exam and then sprint to the next patient!  If I bring in a newly completed miniature, he takes the time to appreciate it (and grumble a bit about anonymous patients with far less hand damage who “can’t” cook, drive or whatever).  This time, I brought photos from the somewhat dare-devil horseback ride. . . more about that later 🙂

My bone density results were great, which means that two years of daily self-injections of Forteo ™ have successfully replaced the bone loss caused by my various meds (and ageing, of course).  When my current syringe is empty, no more Forteo™ – Yay!  It does, however, mean that I start a daily tablet of Fosamax™   for two years; a bit of a dicey drug, but one which will ensure that the calcium stays in my bones.  We’re changing the Cimzia™ schedule, too; instead of two hefty  (200 mg/mL) syringes of the thick, viscous ‘stuff’ once per month, I’ll be injecting one syringe every two weeks. Hopefully, this will prevent my slide into worsening symptoms as the serum levels of the drug drop.

Here’s the “later” segment.  I had three photos of our Silver Spur Ranch www.silverspur-ranch.com trail ride  (blogged 7-22-2012) laid out on his desk when he entered the examination room. He wanted to know when & where, what my joints “charged” me afterwards and was delighted that I’d challenged my RA again. He admitted that getting thrown was a hazard for anyone, but thought my bone density score warranted a “Go ahead and ride more if you want to”!

A Grand-ma “Panic Moment” – Daughter Shannon and G’daughter Sara were here for dinner this evening.  While 5 year-old Sara helped me lay out place set s and ingredients for the meal, we were chatting about the many birds, squirrels, raccoons & such that she has seen in our back yard.  Out of nowhere came ‘The Question’ – “Grandma, where do squirrels get baby squirrels?”  Ack!!!  Having no idea what she’d already been told by her parents, what on earth could I say??!  I settled for “Hm, I haven’t really studied very much about squirrels ~ you should ask your Mom about them.”  Found out later, from Shannon, that the subject of basic biology hasn’t come up yet.  “Well, brace youself; it’s probably going to come up soon!”  I also told Shannon that (after they have the Birds & Bees conversation), Sara was going to counsel her to “Explain it to Grandma Christy, Mom. She doesn’t know very much about these things!”  LOL!



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