Double Whammy

4/1/2011 & 4/2/2011 (Friday & Saturday)

I awoke this morning with serious sinus issues (as did most residents of So. Central Texas, I imagine), but truly expected to be well into the recovery stage of the long & miserable IBS siege which has left me weak, registering only 98 lbs. on our scale and simply not not very active, productive or useful. No such luck; spent all of Friday with the cramping, pain and zero energy. I did manage two loads of laundry and cooked our dinner – that was the sum total of my activity! Actually, that was a noticeable improvement; Tom has been cooking dinner for us all week as I’ve simply not been able to stand up straight long enough to boil-stir-simmer-stir anything! My seedling herbs and flowers (basking under their Gro-Light upstairs) may actually be baking, but the stairs are an insurmountable challenge at the moment.

Other than the laundry and dinner, I tried to stay very still and cope with some of the 590 unprocessed emails stacked dauntingly in my Inbox. Managed to drop the total to 505, but it took most of the day. Most of them arrived in ‘digest format’, so the total answers/saves/forwards added up to plus-or-minus 800; not a bad day’s work, but I am SO far behind!

Managed to stay awake until 11PM watching a movie – – – -huge mistake! The self-styled “Frat House” (a shifting number of young men renting the house next door to us) started their “stereo assault” at 10:30 PM. Whichever tenant is the owner of said stereo is justifiably proud. . . .at its present settings, the bass notes vibrate insistently through two houses on either side of the location of the Monster Stereo! They didn’t break up their party (and I didn’t fall asleep) until 2AM. Yes, it is officially weekend now, but they can all sleep till noon while I have to try to be productive on four hours of sleep and feeling rotten. Grrrrr!

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