Taps & Tears – Ambushed

I attended a funeral yesterday. I had only met the deceased once, and briefly at that; I was there to comfort and support his widow. She is one of the strongest, most caring and gracious ladies I have ever been priviledged to know. I expected the service to be somber, of course; I even expected to tear up a bit if I saw my sad and courageous friend cry. It was a truly lovely and loving memorial service. . . . and I had forgotten one salient fact: her husband had been an officer in the US Navy before his retirement and new civilian career brought the two of them to San Antonio. Military honors were due and rendered, the US flag was reverently presented to his widow, and a lone bugle began to play Taps!
I lost it – utterly and completely, diving for tissues lost it! I was about 5 years old when Taps was played for my paternal grandfather, 23 years old when Taps sounded over my brother’s grave, older when the honor was rendered for my wonderful Dad. When I hear it, the tears come swift and strong and leave me shaken. . .even a day later.

May God bless Bob B. and guide his grieving wife to peace – I’m going to go hide for awhile.

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