Welcome to my cruise ship cabin!

I completed another UFO [Un-Finished Object] today!  This one-quarter scale (1/4th inch = 1 foot) kit is still offered on the creator’s website, www.braxtonpayneminiatures.com , but mine was produced in 1986.  It spent many years in the “Round Tuit” stash of a fellow miniaturist and several years in my own stash before I decided to brave another smaller-scale project (my hands really are more comfortable working in one-twelfth scale)!

The Cruise Ship Cabin kit included printed paper for the rug, wallpaper, port-hole drapes and bedspread, plus wood-grained paper to cover the visible portions of the furniture. (The latter had changed its hue over the years of storage and was now a rather alarming shade of orange.)  I did use the wallpaper, but opted for a bit of short-napped velour paper to give the carpet some visual depth. The draperies were a lucky find; a short bit of tightly pleated ribbon from my stash.  Another lucky find was the very thin, nautical-striped fabric which I used for the bedspread and a chair cushion.  The furniture and the exterior of the vignette were stained with a Min-Wax stain pen.  I located a very small print of steep, snow-capped mountains and placed it behind the plastic cover of the port-holes; the scene is very similar to the view we enjoyed from our cabin on our two Alaskan cruises.

(This project was started on July 19th, but did not get worked on every day.)



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