Welcoming 2011 in the ER

We planned a quiet, laid-back New Year’s Eve; a home-cooked meal, a DVD and “maybe” staying up until midnight. Thomas (IV) had been fighting a migraine for two days, and truly only wanted peace, quiet & reduced pain; he retreated to his space after dinner, hoping sleep would help, and we decamped to our bedroom.

By 10:15 or 10:30pm, I had opted for sleep while Tom (III) was ready to watch the rest of the movie we’d started. I may have been asleep for 10 minutes when Tom woke me up. Thomas had made his way downstairs for help; he was cold and clammy to the touch, extremely pale and heaving up lunch/dinner/ et al. We arrived at the local ER around 11:45 pm and it took several exams and two doses of a medicine “cocktail” to make the nausea subside and the headache recede (not disappear). By 2 am on New Year’s Day, we were on our way home. Thomas was surely “seeing stars” through most of this, but it wasn’t the traditional (and illegal) fireworks being set off to celebrate the begining of 2011!

All is well now, except that his headache is still lurking like a beast ready to pounce. I’m hoping he got the last of 2010 out of his system and 2012 will be healthier for him! (Note:I must have still been tired when I wrote this! As Shannon pointed out, I’m hoping 2011 will be a better year for him!)


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