Only semi-organized and leaving tomorrow!

My annual “Miniatures Fix” – the 3-day SAM’s (Society of American Miniaturists) convention, starts tomorrow afternoon – I’ll point The Scarlet Lady NE  around 9 am and hope I’ve mapped out the new location in Temple, TX well enough 🙂  I finally made my way upstairs to my Tower (workroom)  today to pack a full tool kit for the workshops I am enrolled in! Fairly light packing, actually, as I am (of course)  enrolled in  both of Sandra Manring’s flower classes – a half-inch scale magnolia blossom centerpiece tomorrow evening and a one-twelfth scale rose bouquet Saturday morning. (Why, Oh why does she always teach the smaller scales on the day I’ve driven for hours?!)

Then I did the hard part: my friends & roommates (Amanda & Alexandra Burt) are flying in from Maryland tomorrow to attend the Wonderful Workshop Weekend.  They’re bringing paint brushes and any necessary paints in their check-in luggage, but the “sharp, pointy objects” could/would  pose problems in either carry-on or checked baggage.  I promised to put together kits containing anything else they might need. . . .but couldn’t remember which classes they had chosen!  After I had metal rulers,automatic pencils,X-acto knives, replacement blades, small clamps, needles/needle threaders and straight pins, curved and straight blade scissors, files and sanding sticks in several grits, mini cutting boards, wire cutters, tweezers, forceps, several sizes of embossing tools, needle-nosed pliers, Super Glue , Tacky Glue and Gawd-knows what else packed into two labeled  gallon zip-lock bags, I surveyed the result.  My only question. . . .how on earth have I accumulated three or more of everything?! !!  (Secondary question: with all this: why can’t I find what I need when I’m at my workbench?! LOL!)

My suitcase is downstairs, and my outfits for travel/workshops/banquet are chosen, but I’ve opted to pack tomorrow morning. . . . .I’ll probably be sorry for that decision.  It’s hard to leave home without my laptop (yep – I’m a 62 year-old geek!), but there simply won’t be any time to use it!  I’m taking my iPhone and iPad  (whichwill allow me to keep track, a bit, of incoming messages and provides a Kindle reading link if I have a moment)- – -hope I remember to pack the chargers!!

G’night, all. Tom’s alarm goes off at 5:30am, and that is when I will start my day, too!

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