The good, the bad & maybe the ugly

Got really shaky/wobbly while trying to get ready for my appointment with the neurologist this morning. Not just my legs, but my arms, too. (Not for the first time.)

I have a diagnosis. MRI showed moderate osteoporosis at the base of the spine (which the daily Forteo injections I just started should help correct). The nerve conductivity study at my first visit showed some neuropathy and muscle weakness. Extensive bloodwork done at my last visit shows “remarkably good levels” (for a long-term RA patient) of various usefull cells, critical vitamins, minerals, etc. Wonderful. The tests ruled out a lot of ‘nasties’ (Multiple Sclerosis, among others) – Great. Diagnosis: Vasculitis, caused by the years of RA. My veins/capillaries & arteries have become inflamed and restricted; hence the frequent wobblies when I walk and the increasing shakiness of my hands and arms, plus the occasional difficulty breathing. Reduced blood flow=reduced oxygen & slower nerve impulses. The bad news is that there’s nothing we can do about it. . . .my next appointment with him is a year away:( Meanwhile, I will have to get serious about doing the exercises to (hopefully) improve the muscle tone in my legs. The sudden falls on uneven (or even) terrain? Yeah, that’s probably here to stay, unless I slow down to a snail’s pace or delete several of my chores – – – neither is likely to happen in the near future!

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