Dentist visit & waiting games

The dentist’s appointment was mine – 10:30am to make sure all was well with the implants and take “brag photos” of how well-aligned everything is now 🙂

Both Toms handled today’s stress levels much better than I did! Tom III dealt with new data and reports (for the company which will lay him off at the end of this month!) and surfed the Net before donning company-casual attire and leaving for his second face-to-face interview with sample charts/graphs/reports in hand. Thomas kept himself well occupied with projects in his studio all day, waiting for the “You’re hired” phone call which didn’t come. I prayed, wished, hoped and couldn’t concentrate on anything at all constructive , all day long!

The tension eased a bit once T III returned. He is IN, and is now waiting for the official offer and contract (plus security review) from Human Resources. He also brought home news that Thomas is listed for hire, as soon as HR can wade through some of their back-log. We’ll all feel better when he’s “official” too!

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