On the Road Again (Houston)

“Interesting” (read stressful) day! Tom III and I made the now-somewhat-familiar trek to Houston to see his two eye specialists. The pressure in his left (injured) eye is quite low, so the Pred Forte drops are now every two hours (when awake). We both caught a swiftly passing reference to a multisyllabic
“syndrome”, so both iPhones were doing research while waiting for the Retinologist to return to the room; I couldn’t even begin to spell it now, but the short version is that the left eye is showing signs of shrinking. Not good, but not a huge surprise either. Maybe the shrinkage will stop. . .maybe he will lose that eye. . .either way, we will know we have done everything possible.

The big shock (well, to me, anyway) came when Tom reported he had noticed reduced visual acuity in his right eye over the past seven days. . . . .I hadn’t heard a thing about that!! I had to do quite a bit of verbal pushing and shoving during the drive back to San Antonio (“It’s Friday, for G-d’s sake! Call right now and make an appointment with your specialist in San Antonio right now!) He will have the right eye checked here in SA next Friday.

It was one of the worst San Antonio/Houston drives we’ve experienced (which is why I am still balancing his pride against his/our safety.) Even more stop-&-go traffic than usual (I’ve memorized the predictable ‘freeze-up zones’), several no warning/hard stops, a car parked on the right shoulder suddenly jumping into my lane without the slightest attempt to match my speed and an apparently fatigued driver of an 18 wheeler! (By the time he realized the right lane was backed-up onto the highway with people attempting to exit, his “collision avoidance” maneuver involved locking his brakes and swerving so that he occupied both lanes – his, and the left lane I was traveling 72 mph in!)

While all of this was going on, I knew Thomas (IV) had to leave his current employer’s parking lot in time to report (clear across San Antonio) for an interview & test for a *much*better*job! Meanwhile, Tom (III) confirmed a second interview with the same contractor via cell phone during our trip home.

Stress? What stress?

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