5:30AM won't be pretty!

It is no one’s fault but my own. . . . .when the alarm rings at 5:30 AM, it is really going to hurt!

I spent ten hours at the TCEA convention today; most of them on my feet searching for misplaced awards envelopes, tracking down missing speakers (“His session starts in 25 minutes!!”), magically producing tape, scissors and whatever else was needed, decorating for the evening banquet – – – -the typical activities of a seasoned & unpaid volunteer. I am footsore and weary, but expected that and enjoyed seeing old team-mates. Meant to depart directly after the banquet, but members of the Board urged me to stay for the awards ceremony – “We need the seats to be filled” Well, yeah – been here, done this, valid point – but I should have smelled a conspiracy! Ready to clap enthusiastically for the next award winner, I hear my name announced. Huh?! I now have a “suitable for framing” certificate of The Volunteer Who Never Says NO award! LOL – my fellow Community Educators are a sneaky lot!

Arrived home at 8:30 PM and delivered Tom III to the Sleep Center at 9:30PM for a follow-up test on his CPAP device. I am now seriously tired, but reviewed my e-mail and replied to about 25 messages that shouldn’t wait and prioritized an additional 200 messages for attention tomorrow. OK – Really should sleep now, but should read the news-of-the-day to find out what was happening outside my isolated melieu today. You can see where this is going: it is 12:59 PM, I am still awake, and the alarm will ring at 5:30AM so that I can pick Tom up at the Sleep Center at 6:30AM! 5:30AM is going to hurt!
G’nite, all!

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