*Strange title, right? Well, maybe not quite so strange. . . .Dotsero is, in reality, a small community near the head of Glenwood Canyon in Eagle County, Colorado. Although there is some …. um, conflict….over the origin of the town’s name, recorded history shows that Ferdinand Hayden did, indeed, use this location as “Dot Zero” on his survey maps of Central and Southwest Colorado in the 1870’s. I will leave that argument to more scholarly minds, but adopt it as a fitting “re-start” for my blog. I’ve left the digest blank for mumbletoolongmumble months, and intend to correct that starting now – today is Dot Zero, and (as time allows) I hope to back-fill with a few dates and data which became somewhat lost in the general bustle of life.

Today definitely did not start out in my “Fun” column; I do not enjoy hearing an alarm clock sound off at 5 AM , knowing it is hollering at me. . . . . .even my cats do not bother to interrupt their slumber to keep company with me at that early hour! Actually, that feline disdain worked to my advantage. . . they weren’t underfoot as I stumbled through the transition from stiff, sore and groggy semi-human to acceptably groomed and lucid registrar of the 2010 Texas Community Education Association convention.
Yes, I retired several years ago, but that doesn’t protect me from being volunteered or drafted for such duties. Quite the opposite; since no one has to worry about salary or comp time, I’m a (hehe) valuable asset:) Early alarm clock aside, I truly enjoy being back in my old milieu and greeting newbies, vendors and the dedicated people I was privileged to work with for 17 years! Tomorrow will be more fun, more work and the South Central Texas version of a Hawaiian luau – a scary concept!

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