Baby, it's COLD outside!

Call me a “weather wimp”, but it is bitterly cold outside and the mercury is dropping as I type. We are also under a high-wind advisory until this evening. The combination of 30.5 degrees ambient temperature and heavy wind gusts made todays’ necessary foray to our local Walgreen’s a truly uncomfortable experience. (Chill factor – 20 degrees.) Hummmmph – when I was younger (about mumble40mumble years younger), Tolerating 17 degree weather in Newport, Rhode Island was no big deal! Youth+proper clothing+good health makes a big difference:(

PS – The forecast for tomorrow night is 18 degrees. This is freakin’ nuts!

I realize parts of the Midwest are experiencing -52 degree weather (and massive snow drifts) – I shouldn’t complain, but this is So. Central Texas (land of several-weeks-over-100 degrees) and our bodies and winter wardrobes just aren’t geared for this frigid blast!

O.K.- through with the weather-whine. . .off my soap box 🙂 Besides, I have to go swaddle some more plants!

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