Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!

“2010” – even when I adjusted to entering the 21st century, 2010 seemed somewhat futuristic! It simply sounds like homes a la The Jetsons should have somehow proliferated by now, hydroponic gardens should be the norm in middle-class dwellings and our fuels (and fuel consumption) should be vastly different! Well, of course, none of the above has happened:)

Truth be told, a streamlined house-of-the-future would not be sympathetic to my (or DH’s) collecting-and-creating urges. There are some single-family hydroponic gardening systems available now, but they require a lot of space and our somewhat-new (added 2008) greenhouse is doing quite well at assuring a ready supply of fresh Greek oregano, chives and parsley through the winter, with space left over for my decorative potted plants. Fuel changes? Well, there seems to be more attention being paid to alternative fuels, at least. For now, daughter’s Ford Escape Hybrid and son-in-law’s bicycle commute days remain the family contribution to reducing toxic emissions. Given the current condition of the economy, I’m not willing to take on a new car payment, nor am I willing to give up The Lady – my ’97 Camaro.

My wishes for all for this new year: good (or improved) health for all, a secure financial base and joy in the daily events, both large and small.


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