Everything is under control! Oh, it isn't? Drat!!

Just when I am standing at the counter of our local UPS store, ready to ship off two very overdue flower orders. . . .ready to tick off one more entry on my “catch up from surgery down-time” list – – – – – just when I think I have reached the Final Two (overdue by mumblewaaaytoomanymonthsmumble), cushions for G’daughter’s toy box and hemmed slacks for DS. . . . . . .Karma speaks up and says “Don’t be so proud of yourself! You just think you have everything under control. Giggle!” (Yes, I am completely convinced I heard Karma giggling. It certainly wasn’t me!)

Where did I go wrong? Well, it seems I never received a renewal notice for my driver’s license! Although it is frequently requested as ID, no one has noticed nor commented on its expired status. Personally, I have better things to do with my time than read my driver’s license and attempt to ignore the typically hideous photo 🙂 All of the above contributed to this morning’s little comedy. UPS lady, “Do you realize you license has expired?” Me “Oh no, I’ve been barreling around since January 12th with an expired license?! UPS lady, “Um, yes. Since January 12th of 2008!!! Oh Good Grief!

Tomorrow, despite the forecast of severe thunderstorms, you will find me sitting, waiting, reading my Kindle and ( after a suitably penitent length of time) trying to explain to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) clerk just how this happened. LOL – I can’t!

Everything’s under control? Apparently not!

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