Roberts Rules of (Dis)Order!

I have served as President of my local miniatures club for two terms (4 years), and my loyal and supportive board of officers has backed me up throughout. I have cheerfully mangled Robert’s Rules of Order at each and every meeting, for the sake of swift-moving meetings and maximum time for projects and general mini-fun. Besides, rules or no, controlling a large group of gregarious miniaturists is much akin to herding cats! Why fight an uphill battle when humor works better than “rules”?

Before I led a larger-than-usual group through a lesson in miniature flower making today, there was the usual “Christy version” of a business meeting. Along with minutes of the last meeting, a quick report from our treasurer, collection of yearly dues and some discussion of upcoming projects and some good-natured arm twisting to produce instructors for said projects, it was time for a new board of officers to be installed. Well, that is what the calendar said, anyway! While I realized that the current board hadn’t had a single serious internal disagreement or ‘spat’ over our four years, and everything has run remarkably smoothly, I assumed that the general membership was probably tired of my refusal to take myself (or much of anything else) seriously 🙂 Um, wrong – LOL!

It rivaled the last election for brevity. I announced that the current board was willing to continue to serve, and then called for nominations from the floor……….silence (except for giggles.) I then asked for volunteers……….that produced Total Silence (typical of any meeting, anywhere.) I asked for an Aye or Nay vote, and the enthusiastically voiced & unanimous chorus of Aye’s was loud enough to startle our hosts at the wonderful Hobby Town store on Austin Highway! Oh…..well then – – – that seems to be settled – – – -let’s open our kits and go to work (for another two years!! )

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