Talkin' Trash

Well the title got your attention, anyway:)

As I was leaving our house to run errands and buy a few things I’ll need when I teach my class on Saturday, I noticed the big “automated trash pick-up” containers being distributed in my neighborhood. I hoped we would receive our *very own set* of 96 gallon containers (brown for trash and blue for all recyclables), but held the pessimistic view that they would run out of containers before reaching our street. Delivery of *any* goods or services can be a bit slow in Texas ~ it’s something about that ‘Southern cadence’ . . . I was introduced to that phenomenon in Athens, Georgia in 1968, and it truly hasn’t changed very much in forty years:)

Happily, when I returned from my errands , we had our set of blue and brown trash receptacles! Having completed my ‘all over the city’ trek, we also had a new single-throw light switch (the fan and overhead light in my “Tower” refused to function this morning), seed blocks for ‘the Blackburn birds’ (a pair or two of blue jays, many cardinals, lots of sparrows, black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice white-winged and Inca doves), super glue & waxed paper for my class and 17 miniature pie plates (destined to become planters for my class, since my original plan/on-line order hasn’t arrived yet!)

96 gallon trash receptacles are BIG- – – – -going to have to do some juggling of garage space!

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