One less doctor – – -Yay!

I now have one less doctor on my “With whom/when?” appointment list. I wasn’t thrilled at the need for trekking across a fair amount of the city this morning to attend the post-op visit with my foot surgeon; the weather has turned freakin’ cold and WET the past few days. Wet is good. . . .wet is great, actually, as the Edwards Aquifer levels have been dropping near water-use restriction levels recently. In San Antonio, however, rain is best dealt with inside the safety of one’s own domicile. Our drivers seem blissfully unaware that a speeding car does not stop as quickly on rain-slick streets, nor does said car perform right-angle turns as obediently as it might in dry conditions. Coincidentally, they also are unaware that their cars (especially white & light blue ones) are much more visible in a heavy downpour if they Turn On Their Headlights. Sigh – with thunder rumbling and rain striking the roof, I was not happy to leave the house!

The drive was worth it. This is the doctor I dubbed the “hedgehog” months ago, because of his prickly and pugnacious bedside manner. He pronounced himself delighted with my progress, actually deemed himself “ecstatic” in the recorded report (earning startled looks from both me and his nurse) and said no further visits were necessary! YAY!

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