Feeling like ME again!

Yesterday, I took a look at my calendar to see what this week held in store for me. Hmm, busy! An appointment with my Rheumatologist on Monday morning, another (the “re-do”) with the orthotics & prosthetics people on Tuesday, plus all sorts of errands which had been stacking up because I’ve been out of action for an entire month! I also have a deadline looming on a promise I’d made to a fellow miniaturist, but my tools and supplies have remained frustratingly out of reach, upstairs! (When I was preparing for surgery, I packed a box full of projects I could do in bed on a lap tray. Then I considered our three affectionate & very curious cats, took another look at the projects. . . .and unpacked the box!)

I’m extremely fortunate that my husband telecommutes and has been available to provide food, beverages, medication, encouragement, transportation, pampering, pet care and much, much more while I have (literally) been trying to get back on my feet. However, he has had to take a lot of time off from his job to do much of the above. He has a really cool and understanding boss, but that is not a good reason to test the limits!

Our trip to the market had proven that I could drive again. A trip to Walgreen’s on 11-29 (when I insisted on walking back to the pharmacy to show the concerned staff I was recovering just fine) went equally well. Since I really wanted DH with me at the Tuesday appointment, I decided I could take myself to the Rheumatologist’s today. One less chunk of work time DH wouldn’t have to take off. Well. . . . .I did a bit more than that! Saw my Rheumatologist (everything looks good – yes, I am in an RA flare-up – another two weeks and I should be safe re-starting my Enbrel injections!), delivered a package to the UPS store and stopped at the Salvation Army to drop off a big, bulky mattress pad which fit a futon we no longer own. That’s not all. . . .after a brief rest, DS and I made a cross-town jaunt to shop at HobbyTown and I made him wander through a Michaels store with me so that I could get a much needed “fix”! I can Go places, and Do things, and I feel much more like ME again!!!

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