Whee – I'm driving again!

DH has been making frequent trips to the market for necessities since Oct. 30th, but we haven’t done a full food shopping since????? The pantry and refrigerator were looking quite bare, and DS will be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner; it was definitely time to go to the market with a long list! My poor, much-loved Camaro hasn’t moved out of the driveway in nearly a month, so I asked DH if I could try driving to the store. . . .we needed its carrying capacity, and I could easily pull over and let him take the wheel if it hurt too much. I had an absolute blast! I’m not wearing shoes yet (that has to wait on additional healing plus the prosthetics), but I have my comfy/colorful socks and the protective post-op shoes/boots are comfortable. My feet are still tender, but accelerating and braking were just uncomfortable, not painful, and the feeling of regained freedom was exquisite. I used an electric cart to chase DH around the store, grinning like a fool the entire time. (Confession time – I bumped two stacked displays while trying to make the tight turns to transition from one aisle to the next – but only knocked one box off. I also ran right into DH’s butt once! LOL!)

Now, if I could just get back on my Enbrel therapy! Between cold fronts and increased physical activity, I am definitely noticing sore joints.

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