Stitch removal & stubborn surgeons

Generally, I’m pretty tough; I was awake for the surgery and didn’t freak out when I heard the bone saw (probably fitted with a grinding disc, actually) start up, after all! Still, I know my limits. While monitoring the healing process (and trying to get adjusted to my “goose feet”), I’ve noticed a few facts about the stitches which were due to be removed today. Most obvious was the sheer number of them…..removal was going to take awhile. Also, they were very, very tight…someone (as it turned out, it was a nurse whom I like very much) was going to have to pull up rather firmly on each of them before they could cut them. The visible portion of many of the stitches was only barely-visible, being embedded in scabbing along the incision line…….hmm, that wasn’t going to feel good, either! OK – Tough, yes. . . .stupid, no – – -since DH was doing the driving and I’m still using the wheelchair when away from Casa Blackburn, I arrived at the doctor’s office fortified with pain medication, a muscle relaxant and a tranquilizer! It was still a thoroughly nasty procedure!

Have I previously mentioned that my surgeon is something of an opinionated curmudgeon? Well, he is. When pitted against a stubborn and opinionated patient (um, that would be me), that practically guarantees some arguments. . .er, discussions are going to occur. Today’s “civilized discussion” took place before the stitches were removed, when he asked me how the prosthetics tech he’d sent me to was progressing with the tow caps. I reported on the progress, and then admitted that I didn’t go to “his” tech. . . . .same company, to be sure, but I went to the branch much closer to my home and the tech I had seen for several years! How shall I put this? My surgeon was pissed, disapproving and unhappy ~ yeah, that pretty much covers it! Now I have to call my branch, have them halt progress and transfer my file to his branch, call and make an appointment to have his tech re-evaluate me and re-do the molds! More time lost, more delays and (probably) more ouchies because he’d “have to write a page and a half of instructions” for any other tech! Sigh!

I do have more freedom now; Dr. B. approved me for a few more steps at a time. Since I’ve been wandering around the house quite a lot the past few days (hehe), I take that as permission to ramp up the activity! DH found some soft, cushiony socks for me a few days ago, in outrageous colors with ‘traction dots’ on the soles. Since then, I’ve been walking without the worry of slips and slides on our wood and tile floors 🙂

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