I KNEW they'd do that!!

When I had my post-op checkup, the surgeon told me to go see the orthotics/prosthetics group and have them fabricate toe fillers & carbon fiber shanks for me. Uh oh! The toe fillers (prosthetic toes) will prevent the front part of whatever shoes I wear from curling up like Persian slippers in short order. O.K. – preventing curling is a good thing, but the alarm bells went off.

I have been visiting the wonderful, caring staff at HK Orthotics & Prosthetics for several years now. They are a terrific bunch, and I like them immensely. However, I delayed for two days before calling for an appointment because I knew what they would have to do! When I whined about it at home. . . .”They’re going to have to take molds of my feet. They’re going to press down on the stitches (and the rest of my feet) to get a clear mold in semi-rigid foam!”, I was met with ‘comforting disbelief’ by family members. “Maybe not.”, “You don’t know that.”, “I don’t think so; this is different.”, etc.

Yeah, well. . . . .I made the appointment, and DH took me to the clinic yesterday afternoon. When my name was called, I took him in with me – to meet the crew, to provide moral support, and to prove that I know what I’m talking about 🙂 My technician was a bit taken-aback; the file mentioned amputation… it didn’t say all ten toes. He gently tested my mental & emotional reaction with, “Um – is this a ‘Good Thing’ ?” (Read: “How’s the adjustment to two deformed feet going?” Hehe, they were deformed BEFORE he surgery!) Once we got past introductions and surprise. . . .out came the semi-rigid foam mold blanks! My tech was as gentle as he could be. . . which means he had to push slowly but firmly, on both incision lines, until he got a useable mold. Ow, ow, OW!!!!!

Apparently, the carbon fiber shank will not only keep the toe piece in place, but will “put a spring in my step”. Hehe – – -translated, that probably means I am going to fall flat on my face trying to learn to walk with the prosthetics!! It’s all good . . . . . .or will be as soon as my feet quit hollering!

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