I Got an "A"

The surgical bandages have been on my feet since October 30th. I got a very brief peek at the surgeon’s work late that afternoon, when both incisions sprung a leak and the PA had to redo the dressings, but it hasn’t helped me to answer the standard questions which have popped up over the past two weeks; questions like. . . .”Why does it hurt way up there?”, “Is that a staple poking at me?”, “Are they healing well?” and “What do they Look Like!?”

Today was “answer day” (and my first time out of the house since Nov. 1st!) – time for the big reveal and answers to the questions. In short: 1) It hurts there because the incisions are longer than I envisioned (about 23 stitches in one foot & 22 stitches in the other). 2) Despite the fact the surgeon said “staples” while briefing DH after surgery, no staples were used. 3) Despite the surgeon’s conviction that I was a very bad candidate for proper healing (because of the Enbrel therapy), I am healing very well, thank-you-very-much! He was surprised, and I sort of had to rub it in a bit 🙂

4) “What do they look like?” Well. . . . . . .sort of a cross between duck or goose feet and something totally alien. I’ve unwrapped them a couple of times since we got home; it’s O.K. to do that, now, and I need to come to terms with this rather radical change in my self-image. Right now, I am vacillating between a healthy dose of humor (referring to my ‘new’ feet & current gait as “Quack! Quack! Waddle, Waddle.”) and cringing when I look at them. Since the latter reaction isn’t going to get me anywhere, I am trying to lean towards the humorous approach!

I’m now cleared for “a few steps at a time” – since that is what I have been doing for a week, I will take it to the next level 🙂 To start with, I am going to venture out to preside over my miniatures club meeting tomorrow! No, I won’t be driving (or walking a great deal) – a club member is going to take me and my wheelchair to the meeting and back, but it will be a fun outing and a complete change of scene!

My stitches come out on November 25th – maybe the feet will look a little less alien then 🙂

** I almost forgot the Best Part: I no longer have to sleep sitting up, with my feet elevated!! YAY!

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