Surgery Delayed – Yuck!

I’ve had the “best of intentions” to update my blog for the past 28 days. Unfortunately, it lost out to all of the other things on my To Do list which needed to be accomplished before today’s surgery. Sooo… I am, house prepared for down-time and clutter cleared away, tote packed, and the surgery has been moved from 2 PM to 5 PM. Wonderful – I really needed more time to be nervous 🙁

For any who have missed hearing about today’s plan ~ complete removal of all ten toes, with a spinal block instead of general anesthetic. It’s rather a nerve-wracking way to go (your mind conjures pictures to go with the slight push & pull you feel), but I simply do not like the general anesthetic route!

I’m not taking my laptop with me (LOL!) so I will post a report tomorrow or Saturday. Wish me luck!

Addendum: I had just finished showering, drying my hair and packing the last of my gear in the tote when I received a call from the hospital. . . .how soon could I get to the hospital? Um, 30 minutes, maybe?! Surgery has been moved back up!


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