We need a bigger car – MUCH bigger!

We waded back into the fray at ’bout 9 AM ~ picked our ‘favorite’ parking lot and beat feet for the shop which had the spectacular light fixture we had left behind yesterday. The dealer had quoted an astounding deal for us, but this puppy is large enough that we had to do some decision making to do. Last night, Tom located very similar fixtures on line; not quite as high-end or well-designed as the one we had discovered, they were priced $1,300.00! Arriving at the shop, we both breathed a sigh of relief when the piece was still there (and the dealer remembered the offer he’d made), and four of us held our breath trying to fit it into the Mustang! It’s in, and it’s ours!! (We’re going to be holding our breath all the way to San Antonio; this beauty is loaded with glass…. beveled glass, beveled curved glass (How do they DO that?!).

Other cool finds today were another notary seal for Tom’s collection, a couple of pretty plates for my eclectic/wierd table setting habits and (hehe) a keen cabinet to be turned into a half-scale miniature scene. There was one that got away – Tom had spotted a small one-armed bandit which would have been quite at home in Casa Blackburn, but it sold before we got to the display hall this morning.

Happy (but tired, hot & weary), we left the show around 3 PM to veg out in our comfy motel room. When we check out (tomorrow morning) and attempt to fit our suitcase into the car. . . . .well, that will tell us whether we are heading back to the Fair or aiming the car towards San Antonio:) This could be a reeely tight fit!

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