Impromptu Vacation -Antique Heaven!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an article in our local paper about a yearly Antiques Show -or rather a huge group of shows in and around Round Top, TX. It was going to run Sept. 30th thru Oct. 4th, featured 350 dealers from all over the US (and some from Europe!), and I realized this was the show I’ve read about in several major magazines as “One of the Best”. Tom & I used to love poking through antique shops, (especially the dusty, quirky ones), but it’s something we haven’t done in a very long time. Sounded like fun, and I made an idle comment to Tom about it. Before long, Tom was talking about taking a couple of vacation days and asking whether I wanted to go antiquing. It’s something we used to love doing, something we haven’t done in ages, and YES, let’s do it!

We drove in from San Antonio today, apparently with a ‘traveler’s angel’ riding shotgun:) Absolutely everything went absolutely right! Traffic was tame, our navigation was spot-on (Garmin sort of “misplaced Schulenburg”, but our MapQuest print-out covered that glitch) and we secured a motel room with no difficulty. Re-read the last eight words of the previous sentence; they are the proof that luck was on our side. I was aware that setting off from San Antonio without reservations at a hotel or motel could result in a bit of difficulty this evening. I was not aware that popular wisdom advises seeking reservations at least two weeks before the Antique Week, preferably earlier! At 3:00 PM, Tom noticed a Best Western as we passed through Schulenburg and decided to check on room availability. On one hand, it was 30 minutes away from Round Top. . .on the other hand, it turned out to be the last motel on our drive to Round Top! We secured the last room they had available for tonight and Friday night, deposited our luggage and set off for the show with the comforting knowledge that we had a “home” for the night. When we returned to the motel at 7:30 PM, tired and frazzled fellow shoppers were trying to decide whether to drive to Seeley or Houston (!) to seek shelter!!!

The show is. . . . . . .Huge! The best ‘guesstimate’ (as it is actually many different shows run by many different people and sprawling over several small towns) is 2,500+ dealers from all over North America & Europe. In fact, I don’t think we ever reached Round Top – apparently, we dove happily into the myriad enticing booths and tents in Warrenton, TX and surfaced several hours later with only a quarter of the Warrenton show explored! We have some goodies already(thankfully, Tom found a wonderful cane to add to his collection, as I forgot to bring mine!! LOL!), and we’re going to wade back into the fray again tomorrow morning!

Oh, yes – Our first bit of serendipity occurred some 15 feet from where we parked our car. I now own a wonderfully aged and battered bakery tin, with its glass front intact. With a little foamcore board (floor) and wallpaper, it will soon be the new home of “Warrenton Bakery”!

G’night, all 🙂

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