When Your Doctor Growls. . . .

I knew “Dr. P” (my Rheumatologist) was going to be less than pleased to see me in a ‘walking boot’, but that didn’t half cover his mood when I discussed my upcoming appointment with the orthopedic surgeon!

The rest of the “maintenance visit” went fine; we’re both delighted that I have responded quickly (again) to the Enbrel therapy, the Dexa scan (bone density test) read rather well for an old broad and he was impressed at how well the ‘attempted amputation’ had healed.

Then I told him I was scheduled to see Dr. B. on August 13th, to discuss surgery on both feet – that is when he began to growl! I understand (and agree); we’re both expecting the proposal to be joint fusion, and that’s a very bad idea on so many levels!

We’ll see:)

Oh, BTW – I drove myself to my regular appointment with “Dr. P” this afternoon. I’m back to running most of the errands, though it’s very tiring. Cannot operate the accelerator or brake with the walking boot on, so it’s 1) Drive with the right foot protectively wrapped, 2) Park and put the boot on, 3) Return to car and begin again with #1. Tiring, but it works.

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