*Up, Down, In, Out – Any Way the Wind Blows!

* “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” -1960 – lyrics by By Dunham.

Today has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride! I had an appointment with our family doctor this morning…… although I had scheduled this before breaking my toe and had planned on discussing other issues, I knew The Foot (which won’t fit into a shoe or slipper) was going to garner attention the most attention. Oh yeah! Dear, sweet Dr. R sort of skimmed through my other questions and concerns, focused on the obviously broken and misaligned toe, ordered x-rays and went just slightly ballistic. Vocal alarms were sounded – “very bad break”, “must see surgeon immediately!” (Aw, come on. . . .all of the toes are dislocated; what’s the big deal?) Um, yes – that’s when my “ticket” for the ride was issued!

DH & I left the clinic with a surgeon referral in hand, but I spent awhile at home going over the pros & cons. On one hand (foot?), the surgeon is sure to say the broken toe is the least of my problems ; on the other hand, Dr. R will expect proof that something was done before I see her again on September 2nd! O.K. – – -but I’ll do this my way, with an orthopedic group I’m familiar with.

I called for an appointment this afternoon, explained the problem and waited to be given an appointment a few (or many) days hence. “Can you be here tonight at 6:30?” Um, yikes! I guess so! (Hmm, that’s awfully fast. Maybe I’m not taking this seriously enough?)

Tom & I made our way to their north-east clinic location (why, oh why couldn’t it be their clinic much nearer to us?!) through San Antonio’s somewhat vicious rush hour traffic, armed with the x-rays taken this morning. With a minimum of fuss and paperwork, we were whisked into what looked like a cast room/recovery area. (Uh, is this a good thing?) A few minutes later, we watched as a doctor clipped x-rays to a nearby light- frame, traced portions of the film with one finger and developed a very comical & bewildered look. DH commented “That must be your doctor; the x-rays are confusing him!” Yep,”Dr. Confused” came to my cubicle, introduced himself and blurted “What is going on with your feet?! Hehe – after he examined them, he understood why the x-rays didn’t show any of the phalanges (bones in the toes) meeting properly. . . . . .They Don’t!!!

His diagnosis: Ta Da – – -the broken toe is the least of my problems! (Oh gee- what a monumental surprise!) I came home in a walking boot, with an appointment to see one of the groups surgeons who is familiar with Rheumatoid Arthritis and its complications. I’ll see Dr. B on August 13th. Phew – it has been a long & roller coaster like day!

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