What. . . . .again?!

When you think you have a handle on things, that handle is going to break off! (I’m sure this observation appears somewhere in “Murphy’s Laws” – LOL!)

I haven’t been able to wear a shoe, slipper or ACE elastic bandage on my right foot since my July 9th encounter with the vicious & anti-social dining room chair, but frequent cleaning, salt water soaks and triple-antibiotic ointment had allowed the deep split to close without any sign of infection. I’m beginning to suspect that the fourth toe (neighbor to the “baby toe”) was & is just badly sprained, but the fifth/baby toe is definitely broken. I suspect it isn’t a nice, clean, non-displaced fracture, either. Still. . . .with every toe dislocated prior to this injury (thank you, RA), there’s little point in seeing an orthopedic surgeon! The overall swelling was nearly gone. . . .the deep blue/purple purple band under all five toes was fading. . .I just needed to be patient. Right? Um- – -wrong!

Although I’ve tried to be cautious while limping around the house, there have been some slip-ups. Bumping the abused toes against baseboards or the coffee table hurt. Catching said toes on the mattress rail of our sleigh-bed and bending them upwards HURT. Well, I thought it did, until I re-fractured the baby toe by stubbing it against our hamper this afternoon! Adding insult to injury, I reopened part of the still-healing split! Sigh – I hate Murphy’s Law!!

What is that muttering I hear? “Did you finally go to the doctor?” Of course not – – – I’ve made more of a mess of it, but there’s still nothing they could do!

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