Confucius Say. . . . .

Confucius say “Never celebrate success of journey until destination is reached”. (He probably didn’t, but . . . . . .)

Poor DH got a 4 am wake-up call – – – well, more of a wake-up whimper, actually. The story began at 1 am; I’d been courting sleep for over an hour and gave it up as a futile enterprise. There were just too many unhappy joints sending pain messages*, and my brain insisted on a detailed & repetitive review of the many steps remaining on my current miniature project. (*Although the renewed Enbrel therapy does seem to be making a difference, we’ve had unstable weather & bouncing air pressure for several days. Happily, it has brought a bit of welcome rain along with the discomfort!)

Since sleep was not a viable option, I decided to at least let DH sleep undisturbed, retreat to my Tower (studio) and work on said project. With “Celtic Woman”, “Top Gun” and Andrea Bocelli selections to break the silence, I completed the pegboard display and many more bags, boxes & pouches of pet care items for ‘Le Beastro Pet Supplies’ over the next few hours. I was using an X-Acto knife with a fresh, very sharp blade for much of that time; it’s amazing that my *journey* didn’t end (badly) much earlier than it did:)

At 4 am, I decided my nocturnal creative burst was over. . .truth be told, I was beginning to get basic construction steps out of sequence and mess things up a bit! Turning on the lights in the stairwell or family room would run the risk of awakening DH, so I made my way (slowly & carefully) down the stairs in the dark. No harm, no foul. I remembered to move forward cautiously in the family room until I located the quite large, quite solid oak shop-case, and navigate around it. I mapped the archway into the dining room with my free hand, as a cue to the location of the step & I took that step carefully.

That’s when I got careless!! By the faint light of the nightlight, I could see where the dining room table ended & where the bedroom door was – I was ‘home free’. NOT!!! I picked up speed. . . . .and one blink later, I was flat on the floor, with coffee spread everywhere. After a moment spent wondering how that had happened (and listening to profanity from various parts of my anatomy), I hobbled to the kitchen for a towel to clean up the coffee. What happened? Well, I can answer *what*, but I have absolutely no explanation for *how*! I forgot about the spare side-chair to my left as I entered the dining room. . . . .but I stubbed two toes (baby toe and the one next to it) of my right foot on the chair leg! I turned on a kitchen light to clean up the coffee spill & assess the physical damage. OK – Two strips of hide off my right forearm, a throbbing foot and the knowledge that my right shoulder, ribs and hip were going to be sore. But wait – why was I leaving a faint trail of blood wherever I wiped up coffee?! When I inspected my foot, I could see just enough to know I needed help. As well as breaking the baby toe (and possibly its neighbor), I sustained a deep, ragged cut around two-thirds of it!!

Haven’t slept much since then – haven’t moved around much, either. The project-in-work . . .upstairs. . . I guess it’s going to be off limits for a fair number of days:(

2 Responses to “Confucius Say. . . . .”

  1. T says:

    OMG WTF GDit!

    Drop the ‘mom’ filter for a moment and tell me. Are you really O.K.!?

  2. Christy Blackburn says:

    Hehe – since your sister and niece visited today, I can’t successfully employ the “Mom filter”. I imagine she has already texted, Twittered or e-mailed the ugly truth;)

    Yeah, I really am O.K. – except that the purple bruises have now spread to all but the big toe, the swelling is rather remarkable, and the top of my foot is turning a light-but-unappetizing shade of green. It hurts like H_ll (it would feel better if I could stop banging the broken ones into solid objects!), but the cut/split/whatever is not inflamed or infected.

    BTW – I’m answering this on “Pippin” (the MacBook you gave me) while Falkor recovers from a corrupted hard drive episode! The HP Home Server just paid for itself (it saved me from a mental meltdown!), and I’m thoroughly enjoying the Mac Experience!

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