What Goes Around Comes Around;)

The “personal computer” age started fairly early in the Blackburn household; Radio Shack introduced their TRS 80 in the late 1970’s, and DH adopted one in 1977-1978. Several upgrades later, DD adopted one of his retired computers (a Packard Bell, I think), and industriously launched what became one of the longest operating local BB’s (Bulletin Boards…… pre-Internet, verrrrrry sloooow connection on dial-up modems….if you remember BB’s, you’re over 30!). Not long after, DS adopted another computer from the ‘stock-pile’ in the loft, and began teaching it new graphics tricks. There were now three lovable “geeks” in the my household. . .each adding to the ever-growing collection of cast-off motherboards, monitors and cable tangles in the stash as they upgraded to newer, more powerful systems! Meanwhile, other than a rudimentary grasp of the terminology (gained simply by osmosis), I remained computer-illiterate; my function was to identify creative ways to fund the new systems and peripherals constantly appearing on Wish Lists 🙂 Learning to use a PC was waaaay down my personal to-do list! Well, think about it: there was a huge Embarrassment Factor involved in trying to master the mysteries of computer operation while surrounded by three in-house experts! Yikes!

My first, tentative steps into the world of computing were taken on DH’s Gateway. Those first few lessons, even though they involved the embarrassment (“I feel like an idiot”) quotient I had been dreading) were enough to convince me that this could be a really cool tool! My every-growing recipe file could become an organized cookbook; instructions and patterns for miniatures could be neatly presented to my club; letters could be composed without my RA compromised hands reducing them to short notes! Yeah, I loved it all. . . . .when I could access it. When quickly became a problem; predictably, the only time I seemed to have free to play around on his computer was the same times that he wanted to use it. Then I had a brilliant (IMHO) idea. . . . . .convince DH that he *needed* a newer & faster computer (Oh, yeah, that was really difficult – hehe!), and then move the Gateway to my desk.

Things have changed a lot since then! The Gateway is long gone, and I’m on my second Dell Inspiron (E1505) lap-top; the portability allows me to cater to the whims of RA much more than a desk-top model can. I still try to treat husband, daughter & son (and son-in-law) to new computer “stuff” once in awhile. I’m still lagging well behind the rest in computer knowledge, and until now I’ve been the “Mac-less” member of the family. Today, it was my turn to happily accept a hand-me-down from DS! His new MacBook Pro arrived a few days ago, and he presented his MacBook (and its spiffy slipcase) to me:) LOL – we’ve come full circle!

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