Re-Earning My T-Shirt!

I took one of my favorite T-shirts out of the closet a few days ago, looked at it, and then put it back on its hanger. The shirt is black, with white lettering proclaiming “I’m Blogging This”. I haven’t written a blog entry since late-March, and need to re-earn that T-shirt! (So much for “Blog 365”!)

A passing glance at what has been happening in my world since the last post:

– I have *started the ball rolling* on the hideously expensive dental surgery which will (I hope!) end my on-going war with my upper dentures! Oh, it fits fine – it’s just that the palate plate and my over-developed gag reflex (coupled with the ever-present Texas allergens) are making making me miserable:( This will be a long-term project, since it involves consultations, scans, impressions, more scans, evaluations and more consultations before the actual surgery.

– Successfully completed my first *start to finish* wiring project in miniature! Sure, I have older scenes done with the tape-wire & brad system; I’ve created the minuscule plugs with the impossibly fine wires and hammered the wall outlets and junction splices into place…..but this one involved an LED, resistor, battery pack, switch and soldering iron! (Prior to a recent “LED Wiring 101” tutorial at The Guys from Texas studio, I hadn’t touched a soldering iron in about 45 years!!)

– Instead of celebrating Mother’s *Day*, my family stretched it over a week- – -COOL! It started May 7th, when DH gave me a Waterfield case for my Kindle – a well padded burgundy carry-case with a shoulder strap and space for my Kindle and power cable. Over the next few days, I was gifted with a matching Waterfield slipcase, an Amazon GC, a new T-shirt (WOOT!) and a carte blanche wander through Rainbow gardens Nursery! Purr!!!

– DS is finally through with the Sand City/San Antonio carousel! He now gets to spend his off-work hours surrounded by the comfort of his own possessions (and water his own plants, hehe!) and my alarm clock is no longer sounding off at hideously early hours; life is good;)

– Thunder storm & tornado season has arrived. Ugh!

– “Wakefield Arms Pub” is established in it’s new location; four marble-topped tables have arrived, and nine Chrysnbon chairs have been constructed, stained and upholstered. (The search for appropriate flooring continues.)

– New space awaits “The Petal Pusher Florist Shop”, too. The wiring, wallpaper and *tile* flooring are all in place, and a new light fixture has been installed. (Now it is just a matter of putting counters, shelving, display tables and many, many plants, flowers, vases, pots, bowls, etc. into place. Yikes!)

– DH completed construction of my brand new (life-sized) greenhouse today! Yes, I know; this is SC Texas, and anything I put into the greenhouse before November or December will fry, but it’s ready when the time comes. The kit came with a built-in, collapsible table and prepping shelf and the three shelving units from my old greenhouse fit perfectly!

– Best of all, watching our Grand-Daughter explore, learn and grow has been amazing:) She’s walking, running, climbing and learning new words everyday! Grandmeow (that’s me) taught her “gigabyte” yesterday evening, as she admired her Uncle’s new Macbook Pro – hehe! Yep, that’s our little “Geek in Training”:)

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