Sleepy fog

It has been a good day, all in all, but I’ve sort of drifted through it in a sleepy fog. I’m just not getting enough sleep to “stay sharp”. (It’s making me cranky, too!)

DD & DS are both trying to cut back on their caffeine intake, so I made a quick dash to the market for Arizona Green Tea & a proper dinner. (Still have to get back into the habit of writing a 2-week menu & getting the main shopping done all at once!) I found an “Easter cactus”, loaded with bright pink blooms and buds, and brought it home for DD.

DD, DGD & DS all got mired in heavy traffic trying to reach Casa Blackburn this afternoon; a combination of early rush-hour and Spring Break drivers. I should have grabbed a nap while waiting – instead, I painted one half-inch scale chair and built another.

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