Close encounters of the deer kind, quirky cell phones & more

[If I forget to spell-check before posting this, forgive me; I’ve been awake for over 20 hours and am absolutely foggy brained!]

I suppose I should not expect a day which began at 3:30 AM to be “normal”, should I? DS was ticketed out on an early flight back to “Sand City, TX”. On ‘airport duty’ days, I need time to 1)actually wake up before driving and 2) reach his apartment on time while obeying the posted speed limits. (During daylight hours, I tend to add 5-7 mph over the limit. . .at 5 AM, I can’t spot the local police, sheriff’s, constables, state troopers!) This morning, I also had to add a stop at the first gas station I encountered (sadly, not the one with the lowest prices)!

Apparently, I was thoroughly awake at 5:08 AM – – -had I still been groggy, I would have much more than an abrasion from a deer hoof lightly imprinted on the right front fender of my Lady! I would, in fact, have likely had a rather well-grown stag through the windshield of the car! I saw him as a darker moving shadow in the general darkness to my left, and hit the brake pedal; he had time to amble across the road ahead of me and disappear into the underbrush to my right. However, the Lady was not at a full stop when the doe bounded across the road! She made an elegant little leap as she angled across the road, and I heard a thump. Hoof contacting composition fender; wasn’t positive of that till I checked in the daylight, hours later.

My cell phone seems to have some sort of affinity for my daughter’s cell phone! A few weeks ago, I sent one text message to her phone and my phone sent an insane number of “carbon copies” to her before it settled down! I assumed that aberration was caused by some odd ‘bounce-back’ between cell towers surrounding the area I was in at the time. This morning, my silly Motorola Razr performed the same bizarre behavior when I texted her from Casa Blackburn! Gremlins??

Just to round out the odd/startling occurrences, I received an e-mail from a old high school buddy (and one-time room-mate). It seems she and her husband appeared on page one of a Lake Havasu, AZ newspaper yesterday! It was a “good news” story – her husband’s life was recently saved by quick thinking onlookers and the availability of a portable defibrillator when he suffered a heart attack during a recent stroll! (At the hospital, the nurses nicknamed him “Lucky Duck”!)

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