74/365 Lots on the To-Do List!

Tomorrow is DGD’s first birthday, and DS will fly in from *Sand City* on Sunday. That means there’s a lot to be done today! All of the laundry I have allowed to fill up the hamper and laundry basket must be done before DS arrives – preferably today. (DS takes over the washer & dryer each time he returns, to deal with the ten days of dirty clothes he has accumulated.) DGD’s gifts still need to be wrapped, “Grandmeow” (me) gets to bake and decorate the first (of many, hopefully) dozen cupcakes for tomorrow’s party-in-the-park, and I have to do some catch-up blogging. (Not that I have anything *deep* to say, but it’s a way to keep up with what I’ve been up to!)

Cool coincidence: after I finished decorating the cupcakes with frosting swirls and fancy sprinkles, DD sent a photo of them to DSIL via her Blackberry. DSIL replied with a photo of the special Lucy’s birthday cake the other set of grandparents had ready for the party. They match beautifully – LOL!!!

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