73/365 Book Signing Snafu

DD and I have been eagerly awaiting the San Antonio appearance of first-time author Robert Rummel-Hudson so that we could take our copies of his book, Schuyler’s Monster; A Father’s Journey with his Wordless Daughter to be autographed. DD has followed Mr. Hudson’s blog since before Schuyler’s birth, and got me hooked on it several years ago.

For a time, we were both convinced that the book signing event was scheduled for Saturday, March 22nd. This morning, DD checked the BookTour schedule and fired off a quick text message to me: “It’s TODAY!!” Yikes! DH & I went to the Barnes & Noble location as soon as his workday was finished – I had my copy of the book in hand and planned to buy another copy to be autographed for DD, as week-day plus active baby doesn’t equal peace while standing in lines>

When we got there, I immediately noticed another author sitting hopefully at a table stacked with her books. WTF? They wouldn’t schedule two signings on the same day. . .would they? Checking with the information desk yielded yet another surprise; Rob(ert) had been at the store, visiting with customers and autographing his book, on March 11!!!! Well, nuts! DH saved the day by locating the store’s display of “Schuyler’s Monster” and two autographed copies🙂

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