71/365 Tension Triggers & Temper

It’s no secret: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia do Not respond well to tension triggers. Nor do they respond gracefully to boil-over bouts of Irish temper!) I’ve known this for years. My family has known this for years. Sheesh, even a friend in California, whom I rarely get to see, knows this! This knowledge flew away as swiftly as I departed the work stool in my Tower yesterday.

My stress level shot off the scale a millisecond after yesterday’s realization that my Scarlet Lady had been broken into. (In my youth, that would have been a nanosecond – I’m slowing down a bit!) DH & DD attempted *damage control*; trying to calm me down before every joint could receive a wake-up call, trying to point out the up-side (lack of permanent damage to the Lady, relief that my cell phone, iPod, camera, etc. were not in her when this *dastardly deed” was committed, etc.). It might have worked, too, but I had also handed myself a huge guilt-trip; I knew it was foolish to leave the GPS mounted in plain sight! While they attempted to put a halt to that line of thought (and my CA buddy was wisely urging me not to let the, um, *bustards* damage my body along with my car), the inevitable happened; I got mad. Hissing, foot stomping (THAT hurt!) angry at myself for being “lazy” and at the bustards who rifled through my glove compartment, console and trunk!

I have calmed down a lot, of course. Lots of nightmares interrupted my sleep last night, but I’ve moved into repair-mode now; that car door was open during several hours of seriously heavy rain, and the passenger side of The Lady is absolutely soaked! Although today’s wearher was several degrees less than “balmy”, I ran all of my errands with the AC on and the windows open a bit; I’m trying to get her dried out before anything starts to mildew! Of course, all of the errands had to put off till mid-day; the morning was spent listening to a full-volume lecture delivered by my ticked-off joints and muscles!

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