70/365 Well H_ll!!

There I was, happily working away on a half-scale miniature scene in my *Tower* for a few minutes. I knew DD and DGD were on their way over to visit (DD having been unceremoniously dumped from her dental appointment!), so I was occupying myself with some of the small details which would be easy to break away from. Well, I broke away from that at record speed when DD came through the door and asked “Did you know your car door was open?”

OPEN???? It is always locked! The habit is so strongly ingrained that it has become a standing joke; if I say there are more groceries in the car and I left it unlocked. . . .grab the keys so that you can silence the alarm quickly! When I exit the car, I always lock it – woe betide the occasional passenger I carry, because I often perform the unlock/open/set lock function so quickly that their door is relocked before they have a chance to exit:) OPEN???? It has been pouring down rain in buckets since sometime before our 7 AM alarm went off! OPEN???? Why?!?! OPEN???? How?!?!

Well, Why became infuriatingly clear the moment I exploded out the front door to examine The Lady: the GPS system I had mounted on the dashboard was now gone:( So was its power cord, and a collection of my favorite CDs – the lowlifes who broke into The Lady (and neatly bypassed her alarm system) had emptied the center console and dumped the ‘discards’ on the driver’s seat! When they gained egress to the car, it was a simple press of a button to pop my trunk open – fortunately, the idiots were too *stoopid* to notice the really cool, compact compressor I had tucked back there!

How was upsettingly simple! Apparently, all it takes is never mind, I’m not going to contribute to this invasion! Suffice it to say that my alarm system never went off, I am feeling like an utter fool for not bringing the portable GPS unit into the house after my last drive and I am >thisclose< to a full Irish melt-down! Yes, a police report has been file (by phone interview). . . .yes, our insurance company has been alerted (but only in case some more expensive damage turns up - so far, this invasion and violation are well under our deductible. None of that helps me get over the fury (and insult) of having The Lady attacked!

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