68/365 Christmas/Valentine's Day/Easter Cactus?

Spent some time in my Tower and accomplished a bit; completed the half-scale (1/2 inch=1 foot) Christmas tree skirt for my ‘Tis The Season room box and did some hunting amongst tote-bag gifts and my own multiple (um, well, myriad!) stashes for likely tree ornaments. It’s a definite challenge finding beads/findings/oddments with which to create convincing 1″ scale (1″=1’) tree trimmings; reduce the scale by half and you double the difficulty! >Go figure!< Did a "heavy stuff" shopping with DH, and visited Radio Shack for a battery pack, more rosin-core solder and a resistor for the wiring (light shining on the snow scene visible through the widow) in 'Tis The Season. Found a more sturdy rack for my soldering iron (the highly portable one I pack in my tool box is also highly unstable!) and fitted four or five watches with new batteries. {Yes, I know; stop the watch when I change to another, and this wouldn't happen!]

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