65/365 Heart food

My daughter posted a photo on her Flickr account recently. (She’s much better at keeping her selection fresh than I am!) I looked at it – enjoyed it (especially since my sweet grand-daughter was in the frame) – left a descriptive note about the subject matter, as requested – and almost closed the window. Then, for some reason, I looked to the right of the photo. That’s where the *tags* are. Tags are very helpful if you’re searching for something; since I visit frequently and do not need to search, I rarely bother reading the tag(s).

This time, for some reason, I did pause to read them. I am not going to copy the tag list here (nor add a link to the particular photo) because that would be an ego-driven act. Suffice it to say that the tags she entered. . . .the way she thinks of me. . . . were much needed food for my heart!

As I get older, I feel myself diminished by the normal cosmetic effects of aging and the perfectly right and proper fact that my “children” are now intelligent and competent adults who no longer need anything from me (beyond boundless love and full confidence in their abilities.) When I add those facts to the limitations (which I fight tooth & nail) of ongoing Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I often feel quite “small”. I think her choice of tags has given me a new spirit of purpose, as well as an improved self-image. Thank you, Daughter – I love you, too!

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