62/365 Day Two – Abuelita's Casita

Guinea Pigs are a “good thing”! Abuelita’s Casita (in its present incarnation), takes two very long days to complete. The Guinea Pigs departed TGFT workshop around 7 PM with the wiring to be done as homework. We were a tired but happy group, our various adobe treatments look awesome. and The Guys now know they need to pre-finish some areas, send the Day One students home with a work assignment or otherwise pare the class back to its planned 1.5 day length. I’m confident I can complete the wiring at home and I have never seen “scale adobe” look this realistic – collectors are going to love this workshop!!

Nearing home, with thoughts of a soft chair and a glass of Merlot, I realized there was a possible problem. Unsure of my arrival time in San Antonio tonight, I had made DH responsible for picking up DS at the airport. From text messages, I knew that the flight was delayed – DS was probably going to want to go straight to his apartment. His key ring (apartment and car keys!) was in my purse!!! Yep. . .I logged about 20 minutes at home before I got the “meet us at T’s place” message came through! LOL!

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