61/365 That's why we're called "Guinea Pigs"!

The Guys from Texas (Larry Osborn & Jon Fish) have designed a new, quarter-inch scale workshop , and it’s time for TGFTGP (The Guys From Texas Guinea Pigs) to give it a trial run. We Guinea Pigs are close to the “mixed lot” they will encounter when they *take this show on the road* – none of us are newbies/beginners (fair enough, as beginners should not sign up for Intermediate or Advanced classes!), but there’s an array of confidence levels & skill levels, personality types and dexterity challenges (hehe- the latter would be. . .me.)

“Casa Abuelita” (Grandma’s House) is a Santa Fe style adobe dwelling with wonderful “Saltillo tile” accents in the ramada/courtyard, “ceramic tile” accents in the kitchen area and vigas (ceiling beams), plus the new (and Really Cool!) adobe technique which The Guys have developed. The Casa is designed to be a 1 1/2 day workshop; we’re going to be testing the timing. (With a TGFT workshop, you don’t have to test for design glitches! Everything slides ‘magically’ into place and the final look is fantastic!)

The Guys wanted us at their New Braunfels workshop promptly at 9 AM. Because I was too tired to pack my toolbox last night (and because I knew I would be moving s-l-o-w-l-y this morning), I started at 6:30 AM with my standard “30 minutes to do virtually nothing in” before I tackled the hard stuff. (Translation: getting dressed and ascending the stairs to my Tower to gather up tools from various drawers and cupboards.)

Day One: The Guys were right; we needed to start early! We worked busily at masking, gluing, assembling and applying “adobe” until 7:00 PM, with time out for a gourmet lunch (one of the GP perks!) and, later, “chocolate heaven” (dessert). I got a step or two behind the rest, a few times, but caught up each time. My biggest problem was with the adobe; it’s a gloves off/gloves on/gloves off process. With the misaligned fingers on my left hand and the failed extensor tendons in my right hand, putting on a pair of gloves (any kind of glove) is extremely difficult! Finally solved that issue by staying bare-handed – my skin is rather dry, but that’s all:) Their new adobe technique produces awesome results!

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