60/365 But. . .I want to play with my minis!

Awoke stiff and sore (the expected result of yesterday’s long drive), but eager to go through the boxes of miniature treasures I brought back and carefully return them to the Conservatory and Oak Shadows. However, I had a trek across San Antonio to make first, to deliver my friend’s room boxes. Driving was the easy part; removing the Very Large (did I mention heavy?) box from The Lady and helping N. carry it through garage, dining room, living room and hallway to its new location was a real test! Took my usual tour of her huge collection, showed her where to dock her camera’s memory card (“No, the port won’t be on the keyboard.”), then had to go poking around her system trying to figure out just where the pictures had been saved to! G-d, I hate Windows Vista!!! LOL! Eventually found enough energy to point my car towards home and “play time”. . . . . .or not.

Half-way home, my cell phone starts playing “Davy Crockett” (yeah, well – what else would it play?) – it’s N. “Hope I caught you soon enough” (ie-still on her side of town) “where’s the transformer?” Thud! Remember the transformer I mentioned yesterday? Well, it was no longer tucked behind my driver’s seat; last night, I very efficiently brought it indoors. This morning, I very inefficiently left it there! Worse yet, my carelessness and N’s scheduled appointments meant the delivery of said transformer would have to wait till near the evening rush-hour traffic period. Sigh!

“All’s well that ends well” – by the time I began to visibly (and mentally) ‘wilt’ this evening, N. had her transformer and I had my new treasures refurnished and tucked into their new display spaces. Have to try to get to sleep early tonight, as my next “mini adventure” starts tomorrow morning and the alarm is set for 6:30 AM. >Groan!<

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