56/365 "Your Insurance Saved You . . . ."

Yesterday’s work on ‘Tis The Season (the SAM’s ’08 BD project) brought me to a point where I could ascertain what paint colors I needed. Of course, Murphy’s Law prevailed – none of them are colors I have in my huge stash! (DH’s comment was, “I thought you already had one of every color!”) Well. . . . . . .theses are tans & neutrals and. . . .no, I don’t have them. Fortunately, Hobby Lobby still has their .77 & .99 cent sale in progress today, so I added a couple of the usually-expensive metallics to my basket.

My second errand was the pharmacy, to pick up the next month’s supply of Humira. I usually do not read the receipt carefully, but this time I found myself undoing the *privacy fold* and received a reality check! “Your Insurance Saved You $3415.29.” Saved is definitely the key word! It certainly made me realize I am blessed to be covered by medical insurance! (The normal dosage of twice a month costs half that – still unavailable to I-wonder-how-many-who-need-it!)

DD & GD were visiting today; GD is practicing standing up and balancing. She can “dance to the music” without knocking herself over!

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