53/365 My 21 hour adventure

I feel like a wimp when I write about long hours and minimal sleep; DD & DSIL have been coping with the combination admirably for 11+ months now (they have an infant – nothing messes with sleep requirements more than that does! However, they are near half my age, and healthy.

No, it is really not a good idea to start your day at 3:30 AM when you have good reason to believe it will end around midnight! Sometimes, you simply have no choice. Very little went according to my (somewhat sketchy) plan, but it all worked out. . .somehow!

DS was ticketed back to ‘Sand City’ (much to our shared disgust; this has gone on far too long) at 7:50 AM. Granted, that is a civilized hour (though the drop-off area at the terminal is already less-than-civilized by 6 AM!) For a variety of reasons I shall not bore you with, that schedule requires me to get up at 3:30 AM. “The Plan” was to grab a nap after returning from the airport jaunt, but that did not happen. (Usually, I find myself doing a lot of napping on my ‘airport departure days’). Instead, I packed the final items of clothing/raffle items/Amazon Kindle into my suitcase and reviewed the contents of my traveling toolbox; I had a 230 mile road trip scheduled to start at 10 AM!

Notice I said “trip”, not “drive”. Originally, I had planned to drive to the SAM’s “Birthday Party” with a new club member as a passenger. When I realized how tired I was going to be by the time we neared Houston, I offered to pay the gas if she’d do the driving. One does not want to be groggy or slow-to-react when dealing with Houston traffic! One does, however, want a GPS system (or a current map, at least) when attempting to navigate through Houston and on to Tomball! I took my GPS unit with me, but some drivers just don’t like to utilize them. The MapQuest map & directions I had printed out were vetoed in favor of a relatives (hers) suggested shortcut. The map I attempted to correct our errors with was fifteen years old! I think our 230 mile trip was closer to 290 miles, with all the bad turns and corrections; I do know we expected to arrive at the motel around 1:30 or 2:00 PM and actually arrived at 3:45 PM!

There was still time to visit a shop (Dollhouses Unlimited) about 8 miles away in Spring, TX (a few more wrong turns!), eat dinner (my first food since my raisin-bread toast at 7:30 AM!) and look longingly at the bed in my room before getting together with 12 or 13 other miniaturists to party in (?? someone’s!) room! Finally went to sleep just before midnight. Tomorrow? Play Time!

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