50/365 Do the Redbuds Know?

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted several more weeks of winter. The WeatherBug is predicting fog, showers, thunderstorms. . . .your typical Texas winter mix. However, there is a ray of hope visible in our very own front yard (and another one in our back yard, too!) The Redbud trees are covered with buds, and a few early-bird blossoms are in evidence on the one near my greenhouse. Maybe, just maybe, I will be unplugging the heater, emptying the greenhouse and putting plants back on the patio and the bench under the crepe myrtles soon! The pansies (my usually reliable *winter color*) didn’t do at all well this year, so I’m really aching for bright greens, reg begonias and multi-colored coleus to fill the view! I think I may be enjoying a bumper crop of gardenias, too. I’m positive that bush has doubled in size since it took up residence in the greenhouse!

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